attention! I'm.on.the.move

Wednesday, 26 February 2014
I am on the move! 
After 2 and a half years, jemima&ted is migrating. Everything content-wise will be staying the same, I'll still be talking beauty, fashion, lifestyle...but it'll be over on a new platform with a new name. I'm reigning everything in and bringing it all back to me to become the very simple Katherine-Louise. You'll find my new blog over here so make sure you update your bookmarks and are following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Bloglovin' (these are all the same!) to get updated. This move means I'll no longer have GFC, so if that's the only way you keep up to date with my blog, make sure you find another way. I hope you like the new blog and ignore any teething problems I may have!

video: - first.impressions

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I picked up this gorgeous palette from Collection for £2.99 at the weekend (yes, £2.99!), and so decided to give it a whirl on camera. Enjoy!