Hello everyone. Because I can’t really do outfit posts in the week (weather, lighting, lack of photographer/time) I thought I’d try to do a series of posts of my favourite things, following on from my jewellery back in September.

 So today’s choice is my fave nail varnishes. Bit of a novelty to me as I only grew my nails this summer, so I’m very pleased with myself  haha. I can’t seem to find my super fave which is my new pink Gosh one, but you can find that one here. Its super lovely in everyway – dries fast, goes on well, lovely pigmented colour. Defo will buy more from them in the future, and only £4.99 🙂
Top row left to right:
Barry M 320 Foil Gold, Models Own Purple Grey, Barry M 317 Blue Moon, 17 Seabreeze, H&M Check me Out, Elf  (no colour but this is glittery gold).
Second row left to right:
Collection 2000 (again, no colour but its dark red), H&M Bella’s Choice, Models Own In the Navy, Leighton Denny Babydoll (Thank you Glossybox!), Barry M 303 Bright Purple (although it doesn’t look it!), H&M Temptress
So there we go! Out of all of these, I definitely wear the Collection 2000 one the most – dark nails seem to suit me better as I have quite short nailbeds. Saying that, pastels suit me too, just not like bright red or pearly colours.
The Barry M ones aren’t very thick so they needs a few layers, especially the Blue Moon – it comes out almost clear which is a shame! The foil one by Barry M is great though, that only needs 1 coat. H&M are surprisingly good and have a great range of colours, I like matte nails so their range is perfect. Its not the best quality but its cheap and cheerful and does its job. Models Own are a bit…blah. I know they’re meant to be good but I’m not fussed either way. And I like the 17 ones, good for what you pay and easy to put on. The Elf ones again are cheap and cheerful, nothing amazing but they’re a pound! I like the Glossybox one I received (thank god I got the pink and not pumplin orange, yeuch), although its very thick and takes a while to dry.
Well, hope this has given you some tips and ideas! Night all!