So, I always said I wouldn’t do a post on Glossybox for no other reason than, there are hundreds and my opinion probably isn’t going to hugely effect anyone! However…! This month, Glossybox got a tonne of stick over it being, well, a crappy box. I never get mine on time, not because they dont deliver, but because everyone in my house works 8-6 and so I always have to go and collect it the following weekend from the depot. Luckily (or not so I guess), my Dad’s a bit poorly this week so he went and got it for me this morning!
And I am pleasantly surprised!!
I’d heard so much about the boxes this month and all the different things people were getting, so I was holding out on all 5 products. I was hoping for the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (I love anything that’ll sort my hair out), the hand cream (I’m obsessed at work!), the face mask (because a) I love them and b) I can’t use anything in my baths so the salts would’ve been useless), Illamasqua Freak perfume (purely cos I heard good things about it!) and nice nail wraps!
And what do you know I got them ALL! I am mega pleased – I haven’t tried any of them (crap review, I know!) but this post was more to say, jeez ladies, lay off GB! The idea is to try products out, so don’t get upset when you don’t get what you expected. Think about the staff at GB – they’re trying to please hundreds of women all with different tastes. So, sometimes you’ll get good, and other times maybe not so. But if you’ve signed up for GB, then you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth!
I was comtemplating moving away from GB after Xmas, and perhaps trying Feel Unique but I think this is a fab box and am tempted to stay. I love love love they way they package everything and the reusable pink boxes – just feels like that little bit of luxury!