Why Should You Use the Best Body Wash For Men?

Although both men and women are particular to personal hygiene, it is just recently that the world’s population has observed an increase in the demand of products that initially were considered for females only. In general, men would only want to feel clean and fresh with a regular shower and a regular bar soap, a swipe of their favored deodorant, a splash of an after shave cologne and a swish of their chosen mouthwash after brushing their teeth. The demand for these personal hygiene products increased with the passing of time, however. The men of today are now also taking advantage of the benefits of what once were intended for women, including the best body wash for men.

Body Wash For Men

Most men do not really want to be taunted to be a lot too feminine if they consider using products that women use. But not today. This generation has seen even more vain males who would even go the salon for not only for a stylish hair cut, have their nails done, but even have a facial, or whatever services available for them that they think they need. With the increase of the demands for beauty and personal hygiene products, the retail environment has continuously seen an increasing diversification in these kinds of products.

This strengthens the market report on the Men Personal Care Market which was published by Allied Market Research. The said report forecasts that the global market is anticipating a $166 billion demand by 2022. This registers a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period from 2016 to 2022. Such an expected demand for men’s personal care products have also encouraged manufactures to continuously develop their product offerings. Their efforts made it possible for varieties of scents to be formulated and countless options when it comes to the best options for a best body wash for black men. Perhaps you have heard of Every Man Jack Body Wash, Jack Black Turbo Wash, and Molton Brown Body Wash. There are just endless options in the market today but if you are still undecided whether to use a body wash or not, or, if you are still looking for the best options to buy, this article might be of help to you. (more…)


I wasn’t going to post again until the weekend, but I found these in my lunchbreak and thought some of you might appreciate them! They’re just like the Topshop Allegra’s llymlrs has and that are so popular, but cheaper with a slightly lower heel (yay for me). River Island did good!
Click here to take a peak at them.


Hello everyone. Because I can’t really do outfit posts in the week (weather, lighting, lack of photographer/time) I thought I’d try to do a series of posts of my favourite things, following on from my jewellery back in September.

 So today’s choice is my fave nail varnishes. Bit of a novelty to me as I only grew my nails this summer, so I’m very pleased with myself  haha. I can’t seem to find my super fave which is my new pink Gosh one, but you can find that one here. Its super lovely in everyway – dries fast, goes on well, lovely pigmented colour. Defo will buy more from them in the future, and only £4.99 🙂
Top row left to right:
Barry M 320 Foil Gold, Models Own Purple Grey, Barry M 317 Blue Moon, 17 Seabreeze, H&M Check me Out, Elf  (no colour but this is glittery gold).
Second row left to right:
Collection 2000 (again, no colour but its dark red), H&M Bella’s Choice, Models Own In the Navy, Leighton Denny Babydoll (Thank you Glossybox!), Barry M 303 Bright Purple (although it doesn’t look it!), H&M Temptress
So there we go! Out of all of these, I definitely wear the Collection 2000 one the most – dark nails seem to suit me better as I have quite short nailbeds. Saying that, pastels suit me too, just not like bright red or pearly colours.
The Barry M ones aren’t very thick so they needs a few layers, especially the Blue Moon – it comes out almost clear which is a shame! The foil one by Barry M is great though, that only needs 1 coat. H&M are surprisingly good and have a great range of colours, I like matte nails so their range is perfect. Its not the best quality but its cheap and cheerful and does its job. Models Own are a bit…blah. I know they’re meant to be good but I’m not fussed either way. And I like the 17 ones, good for what you pay and easy to put on. The Elf ones again are cheap and cheerful, nothing amazing but they’re a pound! I like the Glossybox one I received (thank god I got the pink and not pumplin orange, yeuch), although its very thick and takes a while to dry.
Well, hope this has given you some tips and ideas! Night all!


So, I always said I wouldn’t do a post on Glossybox for no other reason than, there are hundreds and my opinion probably isn’t going to hugely effect anyone! However…! This month, Glossybox got a tonne of stick over it being, well, a crappy box. I never get mine on time, not because they dont deliver, but because everyone in my house works 8-6 and so I always have to go and collect it the following weekend from the depot. Luckily (or not so I guess), my Dad’s a bit poorly this week so he went and got it for me this morning!
And I am pleasantly surprised!!
I’d heard so much about the boxes this month and all the different things people were getting, so I was holding out on all 5 products. I was hoping for the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (I love anything that’ll sort my hair out), the hand cream (I’m obsessed at work!), the face mask (because a) I love them and b) I can’t use anything in my baths so the salts would’ve been useless), Illamasqua Freak perfume (purely cos I heard good things about it!) and nice nail wraps!
And what do you know I got them ALL! I am mega pleased – I haven’t tried any of them (crap review, I know!) but this post was more to say, jeez ladies, lay off GB! The idea is to try products out, so don’t get upset when you don’t get what you expected. Think about the staff at GB – they’re trying to please hundreds of women all with different tastes. So, sometimes you’ll get good, and other times maybe not so. But if you’ve signed up for GB, then you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth!
I was comtemplating moving away from GB after Xmas, and perhaps trying Feel Unique but I think this is a fab box and am tempted to stay. I love love love they way they package everything and the reusable pink boxes – just feels like that little bit of luxury!


Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a fab Saturday.


Am finally having a chilled weekend at home, its been mad lately – London, Cardiff and what not, so its really nice to not do anything! Went for a curry last night with the boy and today went to a few shops with my mum. She bought me this fab River Island hat (below), its meant to be a fox haha! I might look like a doofus but I love it. I got a few other bits and bobs so here’s a selection of snaps.

lips liptint

This is a Topshop lip tint (am wearing it in the top pic), which I’ve been meaning to try for ages. I prefer lip stains to lipstick or gloss, they’re not sticky or greasy and always look natural. This one is really good, its really pigmented (comes out a bit like food colouring!). Sorry the tube is dirty, its been kicking around in my make up bag as I actually got it a few weeks ago!
I picked this new powder brush up from Superdrug today – its one of the Cosmopolitan range. I wanted The Body Shop one but it was £16 and I’m poor. I think this was about £6. I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll keep you posted on what it’s like!
And last but not least, as I said up top, my mum bought me the hat I wanted from River Island today! I can’t pull off many things, but I’m quite a hat person and love ones with ears. Its quite pricey for what it is but it is lovely – I’ve just text the boyf a photo of it, waiting for the lolz reply.
Hope you’re all having brilliant weekends!